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most popular ones.Over 1950 years after Robert DUMAS, also launched a perfume, suit, tie, shoes ornaments, bath, porcelain, jewelry, men and women clothing, watches and table decoration series of new products, let s become across the life range of taste representative While hermes belts are still fashionable.

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Today the Hermes has more than 80 subsidiaries under various kinds of products, engaged in the production and wholesale and retail and logistics management, and Hermes three parts, namely the HERM S Sellier (leather goods), La Montre HERM S (watch) and HERM S Parfums (perfume), and is equipped with the subsidiary company in the world. Hermes has about two hundred stores, 56 retail shop in the world, in order to Hermes taste and image to maintain consistent, maintain all production, design, pattern design for each store, even display cabinets are ordered in the French original, was flown to all over the country, are expected to remain is to adhere to the one hundred years of history.